feeling new from Shanghai back home to Chile

It’s been two months since I embarked on a business trip and wrote my last post, it doesn’t seem like a long time but weeks away in a strange land generated new thoughts and ideas in my mind. I went on a business trip to Asia spending over one month in Shanghai, a strange land to me even though I have lived in Taiwan before with a good level of understanding of Chinese culture. In the bustling urban city of Shanghai I got to experience a mixture of cultures and abundance of many things.

Upon arriving back home to Santiago, it feels as if something new grew inside me, with the desire to go explore new places and discovering more about the other side of the planet. Coming back home to Chile is relieving, seeing the familiar Andes mountains and quiet streets. Yet I cannot help but feel nostalgic about the crazy mix of things Shanghai showed me. This city went through so many rapid changes, everyone is busy working, planning, and envisioning big opportunities here.

Contrary to most of my friends who have lived in Shanghai, it is not a city I fell in love with, it’s not easy to warm up to as there is a big cultural difference having grown up in South America. It is an over-crowded cosmopolitan city filled with buildings and with very little green surroundings. If you are passionate for nature and mountains you would feel deprived of what seems so natural in life. During my stay in Shanghai I spent most of the time working, enjoying good wine (part of my job 🙂 and discovering the deep Chinese culture and old architecture that has little left in this developed economy.

On every trip one gains new experiences, mostly touched by the people we meet, sharing stories and interchanging different mentalities. After all I did enjoy Shanghai, I got to meet great fun people from all over the world who ended up in the same place, just living life and appreciating all the surprises and opportunities the city offers. We were all interconnected by having an open mind, being passionate for what we do, rock climbing, travel… and just having a good time with good people.

So I will look forward to my next trip to Asia again, and meanwhile enjoy my beautiful home, this is the view I woke up to in autumn Santiago:

IMG_20150712_050129 IMG_20150712_100037


And here are some photos of the contrasts of beauty in Shanghai:

Tian Zi Fang, Shanghai
Yu Yuan Garden, Shanghai
looking over the sky from City God Temple, Shanghai
photos from an art gallery in M50, Shanghai
French Concession area near Xin Tian Di, Shanghai
the bund, Shanghai
near the bund at night, Shanghai
old Shanghai street
old streets Shanghai
a simple Chinese man
indulging in French wine with good company, Globus Wine (The Loft) bar in Shanghai
indulging in French wine with good company, Globus Wine (The Loft) bar in Shanghai

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