Looking for inspiring paintings, drawings… and living art

I believe we all constantly search and keep images that inspire us: paintings, drawings, songs, lyrics, photographs… anything that resonates with our individuality and triggers strong emotions.

To create art we must find what really excites us visually and discover our own world. I love life drawing because the process itself is very calming and requires deep observation into the lines, contours, shapes of the human body. The seconds, minutes spent on staring at the model’s body, looking at the form, the color, the light reflected on the skin, it can be a very intimate experience when it is a one-on-one drawing session. A portrait is much more intense and difficult. Both the artist and model can feel very exposed, during long sessions you really are digging into each other’s inner world and capturing the essence of the sitter on canvas.

There is always something new and interesting to discover in art, that’s what makes it a satisfying and rewarding experience.

So let’s discover art and make ourselves artists of our lives. Living is a process of discovering beauty (the beautiful and ugly too) everyday, to spread your passion and what you care for to people you love.

Here are some visual images that might inspire you too.



vanni saltarelli (14)











Let’s share all our passions and please send me what inspires you too.


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