Rock climbing outdoors around Santiago

Jan 24, 2015

I started rock climbing (sport climbing) less than a year ago in Santiago, have been more active now since it’s summer and met great friends who also love climbing and sharing amazing experiences together! Here is a link with a map of all the climbing spots I found online:

Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 11.13.18 PM

Thanks to Escalada Roca (source:

Below are the amazing rocks I have climbed so far near Santiago (in no particular order):

1) La Cuesta de Chacabuco (open field, property of Codelco), north of Santiago




Grade: 5.9 to 5.12
Rock type: Conglomerate
Location: 10 km southeast from Las Chilcas, 70 km from Santiago
Routes: 30
Height: 30m


2) Piedra Rommel, Cajon del Maipo


IMG_1854 DSC_1541 DSC_1548

Grade: 5.5 to 5.12
Rock type: sandstone
Routes: 20
Height: 15m
Location: in El Manzano section in Cajon del Maipo (note: they are now charging an entry fee of $4000 pesos per person, this can be avoided by walking for a long distance along the river)


3) Private sector in Chicureo (closed)

IMG_3676 IMG_3720


4) Roca Oceanica, Con Con (top roping only)

IMG_4205 IMG_4221 IMG_4252 IMG_4263

There are other sectors to climb here, The Black rocks (volcanic) and the Conan sector (granite).

Grade: 5.7 to 5.12
Rock type: Granite and basalt
Routes: 10 and great bouldering
Height: 18m
Location: at the Mirador Oceanica in Concon (point of reference: not too far from Radisson Hotel ConCon)


5) Lo Curro at cerro Manquehue, Santiago (the closest place to go climbing near Santiago!)

IMG_4448 IMG_4458 IMG_4453 IMG_4268

porton  verde
the entry is by this green gate, left up into the woods

Grade: 5.8 to 5.12a
Rock type: ?
Routes: 5
Height: 15-40m
Location: drive up all the way to entry of Cerro Manquehue, park on side of street, walk up pass the green gate and turn left to go uphill through the woods.
Note: requires a steep walk of 15 min through the woods, slippery rocks


6) Las Palestras in Cajon del Maipo

IMG_4466 IMG_4527 IMG_4477 IMG_4590

Grade: 5.5 to 5.13
Rock type: sandstone
Routes: 40
Height: 30m
Location: El Manzano sector in Cajon del Maipo


7) Los Manyos in Cajon del Maipo

Los Manyos_voladeros_jonathajunge.jpg
Los Manyos (photo from

Grade: 5 to 8B
Rock type: volcanic
Routes: 50
Height: ?
Location: at the end of El Manzano sector in Cajon del Maipo, need to walk for 1hr to get to the rocks.


8) Torrecillas in Cajon del Maipo (area for multi-pitches)

Torrecillas escalada mapa.jpg

Grade: 5b to 7a+
Rock type: sandstone
Routes: 44
Height: 40m – 250m
Location: towards estero El Manzano in Cajon del Maipo
Note: longest route of 6 pitches


9) Las Melosas in Cajon del Maipo

las melosas inicio
Las Melosas (photo from

Grade: 5 to 8-
Rock type: andesite and basalt
Routes: 27
Height: 10m-17m
Location: las melosas sector in Cajon del Maipo


10) La Resistencia in Cajon del Maipo


Location: close to Choriboulder sector
Note: beautiful photos from


11) La Mina in Cajon del Maipo

panoramica de la mina.JPG
La Mina climbing sectors

Grade: mostly 6a – 8a+ (a few easy ones)
Rock type: Limestone
Routes: 62+
Height: some routes are over 30m
Location: behind Baños Morales in Cajon del Maipo


12) Choriboulder in Cajon del Maipo (boulder)

choriboulder outdoor chile
Choriboulder (photo from Outdoor Chile)

Grade: V1 to V12
Rock type: conglomerate
Routes: over 100
Height: no more than 10m
Location: Valle de Arenas in Cajon del Maipo


13) La Petorca, San Felipe/ Los Andes

la petorca club andino.jpg

Grade: mostly 6a to 8b
Rock type: conglomerate and basalt
Routes: 73
Height: approximately 10m
Location: passing through town of Putaendo in San Felipe, head towards Cabildo
Note: watch for small rock falls here.

14) La Palomera (near los Bronces, on the way to Farellones), Santiago

IMG_4653 IMG_4660




Note: right next to the highway, no walking needed


15) Boulder at Zapallar beach (very small), Valparaíso

zapallar boulder

It’s right by the beautiful beach Zapallar


16) Las Chilcas at Llay-Llay, ruta 5 Norte, Valparaíso (it´s a big rock right next to the highway) (note: danger of car theft here!!!)


Rock type: conglomete, volcanic
Height: 10-30m
Location: next to the highway, no walking needed (please do not cross the highway on foot it’s dangerous!)

An updated from 2018.01.28: I just went climbing here during the day on a Sunday and parked my car as all the climbers do just off the highway, get back in the afternoon and my car is gone!! I wasn’t aware that many car theft occur here since many years ago, it’s best advised to have full car insurance or don’t drive there!


17) El Arrayan (El Bosque Mágico), Lo Barnechea (closed updated in April 2018)

el arrayan escalada ???????????????????????????????

arrayan rutas

el arrayan sector sombra ChileClimbers

arrayan sector sombre 3

Grade: 5.8 to 5.13B
Rock type: basalt
Location: Near Santuario de la Naturaleza en el Arrayán
Note: Es importante estar muy atento a la caída de piedras. Se ha sabido de desprendimientos de grandes bloques aparentemente firmes, así que se recomienda utilizar casco y no situarse directamente bajo la línea de las rutas.
Existen Rutas de más de 25 metros, por lo que es necesario estar muy atento al final de la cuerda, nunca está demás hacer un nudo.



(Info thanks to and

Be safe, take care of our mountains and enjoy climbing! For more climbing routes & guides download see Chile Topos:


12 thoughts on “Rock climbing outdoors around Santiago

  1. Hey awesome photos! I’m living Viña del Mar for the next few months and am dying to get climbing. Any idea where I can meet some climbers?


    1. Hey Matt! near Viña del Mar I think the best spot to go climbing is in Con-Con (north of Viña), you can get there by car (not sure if there are buses) to Roca Oceanica which is right by the Mirador Roca Oceanica. If you go during the weekend I’m sure you’ll meet many climbers there, and it’s also a great spot for bouldering!


      1. Hi Adolfo, where are you from and how long have you been in Chile? I agree that Cajon del Maipo has some of the best routes, especially Las Palestras has all types of difficulties. I would love to organize a climbing weekend, two of my friends here also climb, I am more of a beginner.

        I’ll send you a message to your mobile then.




  2. I just stumbled upon this and it is such a helpful post! I moved to Santiago from the US a few months ago and have been hoping to meet fellow climbers here and get outdoors. I am just learning spanish and have had a hard time meeting climbers- I had no idea there were so many climbing options nearby!


    1. Hi Alissa, sorry for the late reply it’s been a couple of months since I last wrote the last post, welcome to Santiago and I hope you will discover more new exciting places to go. If you would like to go climb outdoor during the weekend I’d be more than happy!


  3. Hi, I am coming to Santiago next month and am looking to do some climbing. Are any of these climbs accessible via public transportation?


    1. Hi Nissan, welcome to Santiago! The best places to go climbing are in Cajon del Maipo, you can get to sector El Manzano by public transport of metro+bus+taxi (colectivo), I’ll ask my friends who know the exact route and where to get off.


  4. Hi Olivia! I know this is super random and unlikely, but I am going to be in Santiago this November visiting a friend and I’d love to go climb! Unfortunately, I won’t have a belay partner with me (she doesn’t climb, and she’ll be working part of the time). Would you be at all interested in joining me? I can climb up to 5.10 sport routes. 🙂


  5. Hi guys 🙂

    I’m a Swiss guy swinging by Chile for 2 weeks (way too short, I know) in the beginning of March.

    I’ll be alone with my shoes, harness, tent and motivation, and would highly appreciate any information, forum, beta, spots, or simply people that are looking for partners!

    I’m down for bouldering, sport and top rop (trad also), 5.11/V5 climber approx. My only constraint is beginning and finishing in Santiago, but I’d tag along to any cool trip I can find 🙂

    Let me know if you have any piece of info you’d want to share.

    Have a nice day!


    1. Hi Antoine, how long are you planning to stay in Santiago? I go climbing on weekends with a group of friends and it’d be great for you to join. There are many great places outside of Santiago too, Topos of Chile has a lot of information, that’s if you are planning to go trekking and climbing. Let me know!


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